First, let me point you to my most recent demo reel. This encompasses all of my work from my high school days until now.

I went to collage in Orlando, FL. I graduated with an Associates degree in Film/Video.

Upon graduating I found myself without a job and having a hard time finding one. I was able to answer the money questions in various jobs at convenient stores and supermarkets.

As I continued my search for a job in my field I've learned from several other videographers that starting my own company name is the way to go. That many video production companies don't hire anymore, they SUBCONTRACT. That meant obtaining my own equipment. Up until finding this peace of information I've been using the old fashion VHS cameras and editing using linear editing techniques. VCR to VCR methods.

As one may imagine, working at convenient stores and supermarkets don't make a lot of money. So I had to crimp and save to obtain the equipment I needed.

As time went on and I started to obtain equipment I would go out and perform a job, primarily weddings, come back and get some feed back from other videographers. They would say, 'it would be better if you had this peace of equipment,' 'or next time try using this.' And this feed back would mean more equipment, more money, and more saving.

So here I am today. I am now realizing that while my pursuit is fine. But I would probably benefit better if I would leave my retail career behind and started building more experience on the video side.

I am currently looking for some part time or full time employment in a television station in an attempt to continue building my experience more rapidly.