Above you will find a sample from one of the wedding videos that I have done.

Generally my wedding videos consists of two camera operators. The bride, groom, and minister where lapel mics. The reception is covered also with two cameras with one set up to do video messages from the guests to the wedding couple. In the end the happy couple will get three copies of the finished DVD. Presumably one for the wedded couple. And one for each of their parents.

My fee depends highly on where the wedding is located. My company name is based out of Manchester, New Hampshire. While I am willing to serve my neighboring states, the farther away from Manchester the higher the cost due to the higher probability of a motel or hotel stay and the cost of gasoline with meals.

The cost of videotaping a wedding is as follows.

In town (Manchester, NH): $700.00
Above 100 miles out of town: $1150.00

For weddings that take place in town and up to 100 miles out of town a minimum non-refundable deposit of $200.00 is required to ensure the purchase of the tapes, and batteries. And so that I can pay my assistant on that day.

For weddings that take place 100 miles and up out of town a minimum nonrefundable deposit of $350.00 is required. This is so that not only do we account for tapes and gasoline and we can also have a hotel / motel stay as well as meals.

Generally after a wedding has been video taped I project about a weeks time of editing will pass until the finished product is ready for delivery. That is just a projection, usually it's less.